Bull's Hollow


A sweeping, epic portrait of what it takes to survive in the world, when your world is inside a whale.

Created by Jaclyn Backhaus, Mike Brun, & Andrew Neisler
Written by Jaclyn Backhaus
Music and Lyrics by Mike Brun
Directed by Andrew Neisler

In development as a commission from Ars Nova
Performances at Ars Nova
Developed in part with the 2014 Civilians Research & Development Group

Folk Wandering


A folk musical in celebration of America, a country forged and founded on the elusive dream of treading new ground. Tales from tenement Manhattan, Depression-era Utah, and rural 1950s Indiana are woven together in this wistful new work.

Written by Jaclyn Backhaus
Directed by Andrew Neisler
Music and Lyrics by Blake Allen, Jaclyn Backhaus, Mike Brun, Andrew Butler, Alex Fast, Joel Esher, Jo Lampert, Barrie, McLain, Annie Tippe, and Dominique Toney

Developed in part with Fresh Ground Pepper's 2012 Playgroup
Performances at ART/NY as Pipeline Theatre Company's 2018 Mainstage Production; as well as Walkerspace, Joe's Pub, and the Merriam Theatre for the Polyphone Festival

The Gray Man


When a grieving young man meets a little girl with an old soul who speaks of missing children, he can’t help but feel trapped in his tenement house, where a familiar shadow waits in the darkness.

Written by Andrew Farmer
Directed by Andrew Neisler
Music by Mike Brun & Chris Ryan

Developed in part with Smith + Tinker
Performances at HERE Arts Center and as Pipeline Theatre Company's 2015 Mainstage Production at Walkerspace