little blues

little blues

that we move on

i am wondering what to say
ive been away
i believe its time to see how i compare
if for only just a chance
guide the romance
i believe ill argue “never have a care”

O, goals prove so aimless
O, love can be so shameless
and painless at the same time

how my shoulders could be square
lacking a care
O, if only for a moment to be so
social circles, what a crowd:
what is allowed
and what possibilities i take do close?

O, borrowing-lending
O, love has no ending
just pretending that we move on


the place

ive these memories which are dissolving
they fade to fantasies which are involving
an eagerness to share
take me to the place where we were younger
the ritual location that was under
a mid-november air
and if were going there you know what i been thinking

nothing that i knew
is what i want to be
i thought i wanted you
but how can, suddenly,
everything i do be just ok?

caress yourself in fresh unfolded dresses
impress yourself withholding second guesses
the “everything im not”
i have not been here for all the story
and we have not endeared ourselves to glory
the bottom to the top
a hanging water drop below the eye unblinking

nothing that i knew
is what i want to be
i thought i wanted you
but how can, suddenly,
everything i do be just ok?



take your palm with long, white fingers
lay it flat upon my willing right thigh
and grab your handful of my body
it will either fill the space or ill just die
ive a penchant for
a masochistic, young romance
where at a glance id deem you worth it all
any time you run right through my head
my cheeks turn red
dont make it personal
personal, lets just say

you take your time, youll never finish
hurry up and youll go empty-handed
and if you find theres something missing
it is only up to you to take your stand
upon permission
then the little blues will come around
making the ground, even, mysterious
any little piece of their advice
dont play it nice
then take it serious
serious, let say

i know i can want it more
but ive given up there before
and you know you can get so blue
but those feet arent glued to the floor
and not to mention not one-dimensional

as if a fool like me could find a hue
thats lacking on the color wheel
any little piece of me youve won
dont give it back
do with it what you feel
what you feel, lets just say


the every voice a map

i saw you outside
our place on lowerline
new orleans knows a way
to make one want to stay
but now for me that time
the air was much too warm
and i had been informed
that if clouds came above
you had the habit of
saying “any port in a storm”

so i said “lover,
you should slow down”
but you, you only replied
that i, ill never know why
“ha ha ha”

the mythology you told
was both intricate and bold
but in truth it was a lie
not anything that i could hold
like you knew how your father would die
hed go on a muggy spring day
hed get in his car
go driving much too far away

rolling boulders
home is lonesome
nothing, nothing in the wake
nothing, nothing to remain
in shape

so i used to look at the phone
and reckon you in texas – waco or home –
but if stone is in hand
the righteous one will stand alone
so to every voice a map
the directions that we face
communication with a bigger bandwidth
can be standard and commonplace

wont you wash me?
river, you may not know what i mean
i wont ask you to flow backwards,
just answer me clean this:
who do i cry for?


fall you in

when is it more appealing
to have a little feeling
about a lover, soon?
out on the open ocean
or take your tiny notion
go rolling on the moon?

examine all her crevices and curves
without a word
and if its deep and blue beyond her
dive right under
fall you in

i am a phone thats ringing
and if you answer singing
perhaps a spark would fly
for any a conversation
is just an invitation
a melody to try

maybe were talking dirty
til the early hours of day
and if you had a fantasy
to share with me
well, fire away
the quiet inner burning
is to earn the others heat
the mind is lutzing, spinning, skating
in the stadium of daydreams


all “little blues” lyrics written by Mike Brun